Custom Writing Services

The answers to your most frequently asked questions regarding buying your custom-written projects online are as follows:

Why should I use Assign Project International to find the perfect freelancer for my project?

Reputable and qualified freelancers (writers, editors, proofreaders, and translators) who can work on your specific tasks are very hard to find on your own. Trust in our experience: Assign Project International offers a quick and easy access to over 100+ freelancers from various fields of study. We help you to find the freelancer who fulfils your qualifications.

How does this work?

Fill in the order form on our order page. We will allocate a researcher for you – they will not know your particulars and you will not know theirs. When payment is received, your researcher will begin writing the project you have ordered. The time limit will run from this point and your project will be delivered to you via email by midnight on or before the deadline day you specify.

How can I use your work?

The essays we provide are intended for educational research purposes and should not be handed in as your own work. We retain the copyright for all projects – if you choose to quote them in your assignment you must cite references according to your institution’s guidelines. We do not support or encourage plagiarism. Using the assignments we provide for research purposes is exactly like using a book or a journal to help you with your studies and is perfectly legal. In Order Form, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions.

Can you write any assignment?

We are able to find suitably qualified writers for a vast array assignment or projects. On the rare occasions when we cannot, however, we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know. We will never allow a researcher who is under-qualified to start work on your assignment.

Do you ever sell or publish an assignment?

No. Never. Unlike most assignment writing companies, we have no connection whatsoever with any essay-bank or website anywhere in the world. The essay we write for you will never be re-sold or published or appear on any essay-bank or database in any country. We have no affiliation with any foreign company.

What are the methods of payment?

We accept Paypal online transfers, Western Union Money transfer, ATM funds transfer, Deposit Machine cash transfer and Bank account transfers in your city or country. We do not accept payment by cheque. Payment must be made before a researcher begins work on your project.

Is your service private and confidential?

Yes. We will never disclose your complete name or personal details to any individual or institution, or to the researcher writing your essay.

What customer care do you offer?

We pride ourselves on our first-rate customer care. Once you have placed an order you will contact us through emails to keep in touch with the writer of your project and for them to clarify anything with you. We aim to answer emails promptly within few hours of receiving them, and our after-sales service includes free revision of any assignment provided within 10 days if it does not meet your requested specifications and criteria.

What If I am Not Satisfied with The Writer’s Work?

Every order is checked by the plagiarisms-detect system before it is delivered to the client. However, if you still are not completely satisfied with the quality of the delivered work – you may ask for the free revision according to our policy. The writer will adjust everything according to your comments. However, revision instructions should not violate the original ones.

How Can I Get a Discount for The Order?

Our pricing policy presumes very customer-friendly prices and discounts for the returned clients. Moreover, you can get a discount for large orders.

Do I have direct contact with my writer?

No, in order to ensure absolute discretion and meet our quality standards, all of the projects are managed and controlled by our in-house team and our supervisors. The support of our clients and our academic writers is taking place by an in-house point of contact.

How does Assign Project International ensure discretion?

We juridically secured our business discretion. Our clients and writers remain anonymous and we never share your data and your project to anyone in any manner.

Do you charge any extra amount for revisions?

Never. All revisions are absolutely free. The company’s motto is to satisfy the customers by providing quality work with exact requirements. The writers are ready to do any number of revisions until the customers get satisfied. No time limit is specified for revision request. However, revision instructions should not violate the original ones.

Are your writers qualified?

All members of the permanent panel of writers are minimum master degree holders. Most of them have long years of experience in customer writing industry and are Ph.D. qualified. All of them have already finished hundreds of writing papers successfully.

What experience have you in custom essay writing?

Assign Project International has been providing quality essays and other papers to the students of all academic level since 2008. Within this period, we have completed thousands of papers with cent percent customer satisfaction. The company could employ expert and experienced writers in the permanent panel.

How much time does a writer need to write my work?

We accept short-term orders. Just tell us your due date and we tell you what we can do. You should be aware that no author in the world can write a valuable academic work of 300 pages in 2 days.

Are our fees a direct sign of the quality of work that you will receive?

Yes, the quality of our papers is decisively worth the price you pay to get it. We realise that we are not the cheapest custom writing service available, you must realise that keeping the service that we do is not cheap. First of all, it is hiring really professional writers, secondly, sustaining our 24/7 customer support team, not to mention keeping our multifarious computerised systems up and running. It truly is worth it when you can be sure that on the deadline you get a really excellent paper that is not plagiarised and that is completely referenced and cited. We guarantee approval, even in the uncommon case that somebody may be not absolutely satisfied with the paper they receive, we will fix it for you free of charge until you are happy with it, this is something that not numerous companies offer. A situation that happens rather often is when a client advances us with an assignment, finds out how much it will cost and chooses a low-priced company, then in the near future the same people contact us again, saying that they have had a terrible experience, that they’ve gotten completely ripped off and could inquire us to complete the task after all. Is it worth taking the risk and compromising your academic achievement? We don’t think so. Kindly keep this in mind when making your conclusion.

Can I pay in instalments?

This is a possibility, but we do not suggest giving in instalments, the explanations behind this are:

• It will distract the flow of the composting process

• Each time the writer has completed the part of the paper that he has been paid for he has to delay for confirmation of the next fee before he can carry on working.

• Delays in bank transfers and any other money transference are rather widespread, delays in transfers will signify delays in work, and conspicuously with a single payment the risk of such delays is smaller.

• It can cause spaces in the writers’ plan; they cannot be sure when payments for each part of your order will come through, which makes it harder for them to coordinate their time in harmony with the flow of other instructions.

• It is risky for us in the sense that we have no assurance that the customer will complete the payments in a row one by one at the definite time, which makes stopping the work progress.

• On the other hand, we do realise that when placing a big order it is complicated for some people, for one reason or another, to pay the whole cost at one time. For more information on when we will accept payment in instalments, contact our enthusiastic Customer Support Team.

• Do not be fooled by companies that will accept a small upfront fee and then fee in instalments. The original fee is just to be kept on their way, then they will start delaying the work and the prices will increase or additional payments will arise into the picture. They recognise that one time you have made your first payment you will be more uncertain to proceed to another company and share your money. Kindly be very cautious, we don’t wish you to be tricked after all, with an awful experience by another company that will make people think badly about all custom writing services, plus ours.

Will I have to provide you with any extra information?

Generally, the directions that you supply while loading out the paper outline are sufficient for the writer to complete your assignment. Although, there may be some positions when the clients may be asked to provide the exact duplicate of some source that is very exact or hard to access, revising and proofreading services also require from you to submit the exact duplicate of the piece that you would like to be modified.

How can I forward extra information to you?

You can forward or send in attachments anything you need by email at assignprojectinternational@gmail.com

What if I do not think that my assignment completely corresponds my primary criteria?

We realise that one time you obtain an assignment you may want some components to be edited or revised for you, consequently, we have implemented a Revision Policy. This means that during first 10 days after the consignment of your assignment you may communicate us and we will gladly revise or fix the parts of the assignment that you point to. Obviously, it takes much longer to modify the dissertation; therefore, in a case of ordering such a paper, our clients have allocated the right to request any modification during the two weeks period after the deadline (revision demand period depends on the number of sheets ordered).

Can I be certain that no third parties will find out about me using your services?

We never under any circumstances forward any of the individual data that you provide us with to any third parties. We completely understand just how significant it is that you can be 100% certain that both the details you supply and the details that you have used our services will be treated with the utmost delicacy by our employees and will never be disclosed to anyone outside of our business. We are with our clients and thus your priorities are our priorities.