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Language Interpretation Services

Language Interpretation Services is done at Assign Project International. We are the leading firm in interpretation for various occasions. We have a team of well-experienced interpreters who have been in the field of interpretation for more than a decade. We specialize in an interpretation of working group meetings, speeches, conferences, Telephone, radio and TV presentation, films, documentaries and machinery installation in the field and more. Our staff are fully qualified for the job most of whom speak the native language for which they are asked to translate.

Through the Assign Project International Language Interpretation Services, you are quickly able to get the information you need to provide your client and listeners which the quality of service and care. For example, when it comes to hospital treatment, our interpretation services ensure that patients can be provided with the highest quality care with regard to their diverse patients and their family members. Before the availability of Assign Project International Interpretation Services, clients, conference participants patients in hospitals would experience a delay of one or two hours to be able to get detailed information that they required in their daily business activities. Our translation services are embraced by many organizations and individuals. For example, our dual handset interpretation of phone calls and media messages provide a great tool to effect care for a non-English speaking audience. Therefore, whenever you need language interpretation services in your city or country, Assign Project International is the best agency. We are just a phone call away, or you can check our website where we can give you details on how we will be able to engage one another.

When it comes to phone call interpretation, just email your complete requirements i.e. date(s), timing, language pair etc and request for an interpreter. You will be assigned a highly qualified interpreter who will be available online to help you to communicate with the person who does not speak your language. Be it in Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Hindi, Pashtu, French among other languages, we always have someone in line waiting to assist you. “Translation and Interpretation Services” also means that you will be able to understand the message regardless of the language of the person with the message. This will be done as we consistently deliver a true interpretation experience. If you are new to our services, be sure to check out some of our client response and learn how you too can be part of our most satisfied customer. You can trust Assign Project International to provide you with a positive experience for your non-speaking customers and audience. If you have a bilingual agent staffed around the clock for your top languages you need to not to worry as we have professionals for almost all common languages. We are able to manage your conference proceedings through qualified interpreters who will be with your throughout the sessions. To benefit from a dedicated pool of language interpreters, contact us through the address provided and one of our dedicated customer care staff will respond to you.

Interpretation plays an integral role in various international interactions. Such interactions encompass international conferencing, overseas employee training, business discussions with foreign organizations and international interviews. Interpretation is the process of oral translation which ensures real-time multi-linguistic communication through the utilization of different methods. The most popular methods used for interpreting are facet-face, in-conference and over-the-phone.

Interpretation is both a quick and extremely sensitive process as an interpreter has to make split-second decisions on the delivery of the message in target language without the alteration of even the subtlest of details. Possessing true control over the context and scenario of the words spoken and, hence, the flow of the conversation is a challenging task for the interpreter. Being highly skilled and experienced in interpretation is not the only the requirement for the maintenance of the quality and essence of the discussion. An interpreter must also possess high command over the subject matter and cultural knowledge.

Types of Interpretation Services we offer:

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation is the process of translating the words of the speaker into target language as the speaker speaks during a conference, meeting, or any other public or private discussion. Consequently, a simultaneous interpreter is required to do two tasks at the same time; Listening and Translating. Sound focus, complete concentration and a smooth translation flow of words is required. Simultaneous Interpreters often work in teams due to the complexity and tediousness of the task. Each interpreter often takes a break after 30 minutes or so, to make the process smooth and consistent. Simultaneous interpretation is often carried out through the use of different equipment such as microphones, headsets and booths and only well experienced interpreter can handle it, therefore, it is costly.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation services are the most popular interpreting services to date. This is in part due to it being considered the most appropriate service for on-site training, technical and non-technical workshops and seminars, public and private meetings, discussions and negotiations. In the process of consecutive interpreting, the speaker speaks for some time (usually for the length of a paragraph), and then pauses. During the pause, the interpreter takes note of the words spoken, converts them into the target language and conveys the interpretation to the audience. The notes, in essence, are the most important factor in consecutive interpreting. Most of the time, clients require the said service, which is easily available and economical.

Escort Interpretation

Escort Interpretation is actually a form of consecutive interpretation. It becomes of vital significance when meetings are scheduled at airports, tube stations, excursions or anywhere else. An interpreter in this case usually translates informal conversations.

OPI Interpretation

OPI or Over-the-phone Interpretation is done, as the name suggests, over the phone. Such interpretations can be either simultaneous or consecutive. Such interpretation is utilized in cases where participants are satisfied with hearing the voice of the interpreter and do not require him/her to be present on-location. Simultaneous interpreting can be conducted over the phone but the quality and accuracy are sometimes lower than that of consecutive interpreting in the same conditions. This results only due to the absence of the interpreter from the vicinity of the speaker and inaccuracy in a judgment of tone, context, and sign languages.

Interpretation Charges

Language Interpretation Services for a day or less are charged per hour. In a case of two days or more, the client is charged per day. Normally, the per-day duration is from 9AM to 5PM including an hour-long lunch break. Meals and conveyance facilities, accommodation, etc., can be decided upon mutually to be included in the package or otherwise.If client avails service for one or more months, then discounted packages are offered. Mentioned below are our most common language pairs for interpretation:

  • Arabic <> English Interpretation Services
  • Chinese <> English Interpretation Services
  • Dari <> English Interpretation Services
  • Farsi <> English Interpretation Services
  • French <> English Interpretation Services
  • German <> English Interpretation Services
  • Punjabi <> English Interpretation Services
  • Japanese <> English Interpretation Services
  • Turkish <> English Interpretation Services
  • Hindi <> English Interpretation Services
  • Pashto <> English Interpretation Services
  • Russian <> English Interpretation Services
  • Spanish <> English Interpretation Services
  • Urdu <> English Interpretation Services

Other languages interpreters can be arrange on demand.

Please email us right now at “info@assignproject.com” regarding booking for Interpretation Services. Don’t forget to mention required language pair, expected date(s) of interpretation, duration and venue (city/country).

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