Language Translation Services

The answers to your most frequently asked questions related to documents translations are as follows: 

What is ‘Assign Project International’?

Assign Project International is a professional translation agency, catering all sorts of technical, medical, legal, business and personal documents. We have experienced native speakers who are skilled in customising software’s, websites and any kind of text to specific context.

How fast can I have the translation and can you do it more quickly?

On an average, a single translator can translate 1000 words per day. If you want to get your documents translated as quickly as possible, then we can refer you to a representative of our Project Management Team who can give guidance regarding a faster turnaround time. Documents are usually separated into different parts between translators and are reviewed by one editor to remove disparity.

Will the estimate I get from your website be the final price I pay?

In all major scenarios, the quotation you will get from the website will be the final price, however; we will immediately inform you if the price changes due to any reason. Regarding big projects, charges can be negotiated.

Will my documents remain Private?

We guarantee complete privacy to our clients as any kind of information given to us remains safe and confidential. To maintain the ethics and quality of standards, we are strictly deal with our translators.

Who will cater the specialised text?

We assign the document to our translators on the basis of their field of expertise, as a majority of our interpreters and translators are professionally trained and experienced in a wide range of industries with more than 5 years of experience.

Can you make changes to a source text once I’ve asked you to go ahead with its translation?

We can make changes to the documents once the translation has begun however extra surcharge might be applicable if you add more text. Turnaround time for the document will be affected likewise.

Can you help me with a large text document that I need to translate ASAP?

We are capable of translating a high volume of documents and text in a little time span. You can send us your documents right away at assignprojectinternational@gmail.com and get acquainted with our excellent translation services.

Do you only cater for businesses?

The majority of our clients are companies and large businesses, however, we gladly accept private work from individuals.

Can you also do the translation for Websites?

We are proficient in translating software’s as well as websites according to our client’s requirements with unparalleled accuracy and perfection.

Can you translate the document without changing the layout?

Documents are usually translated without changing the style or the format, as we overwrite the text from the original document keeping the layout unaffected.  We also provide consultancy regarding document layouts for a better solution.

What is the meaning of “Get Quote”?

This term refers to the scenario when a client sends us his/her documents to analyse and comprehend the time and cost it will take to translate the document. Our reply includes the information about the company, cost, turnaround time and the resources required to fulfil the task.

How can I get a free quote for my Documents?

You can easily get a free quote for your documents by visiting our website and clicking on the Get Quote button. You will get our response within 2 to 4 hours after your request is submitted. You can also send us your documents by email at assignprojectinternational@gmail.com

When do I make the payments?

You will have to deposit 100% of the amount if your project has a value of less than USD 300. However, in the case of a large order, a payment of 25% will be deposited in advance to confirm the deal and the remaining amount will be deposited later on in instalments before the delivery of the final work.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept bank transfer, PayPal funds transfer, Deposit Machine, ATM transfer, cash transfer and Western Union Money transfer. We also facilitate Companies to run accounts with us.

Will I get a word for word translations if I pay for per word rates?

To keep transparency and maintain industry standards, we charge per source word as it is simple and technically more appropriate. If the source document is an image or PDF format which words cannot be calculated, then we charge per target words or offer a lump sum charges again per page or the whole document.