cost determinePhilosophy of costing

The best way to determine the cost of the something is to measure its value and the deliverables. A sustainable business will always come up with value for money work to keep the clients loyal as well as to get more clients.

Amount of work and complexity

The costs are usually calculated based on the amount of work and the complexity of the task. For example, a dissertation thesis writing work for PhD.level is more complex as compared to the students papers writing for the college level.

Number of pages

Another important factor is the amount of work. In a descriptive work, it can be measured in the number of words/pages. The standard page length is a double-spaced page of 275 words in times new roman font 12, and a flat rate can be offered on per page basis.

Number of pages plus statistical/graphic designing/excel/presentation work

A project can contain different components, for example, it can include writing of 10 pages plus statistical work; therefore it comprises of two works and priced higher from normal students paper writing assignments. The usual rate for non-urgent assignment varies around $10-15 per page whereas for dissertations, it is $15-20 per page usually in the market. The reason dissertation thesis writing valued higher is that first, it needs a number of pages, plus it additionally needs statistical work i.e. SPSS, ANOVA analysis and results interpretation. It contains both qualitative and quantitative work that is why it is priced higher.


Urgency is another factor in pricing. An expedited work has higher per page rate as compared to normally scheduled work. A normal work of 10 pages for students paper writing can be quoted for $150 for a week, however in the case of expedited work i.e. needed in less than 24 hours, the price can go up to twice for the same amount of work. The reason is that it will need immediate hiring and expediting of work from quick and experienced writers.

Outsourcing and increased affordability

The standard wage rate for highly skilled research work varies from $30-$45 per page in European countries and US, however due to the outsourcing of these works to countries with comparatively lower minimum wage rates, affordable solutions are now available for the students worldwide. The same standard work is available in half prices because of the outsourcing. This phenomenon is helpful for those seeking help in students papers writing and dissertation thesis writing without compromising on quality.