Student Paper Writing Services

Student Paper Writing Services

Assign Project International offers high quality, free of plagiarism professional student paper writing services. Our firm is rated by satisfied clients as being the best company verified and found in all search engines like google and Bing. We offer academic support for students and other academicians with their difficulties in paper writing. Whether it is a term paper, essay, thesis, dissertation, project proposal or case study analysis; out the team of dedicated writers will ensure that this is done within specified time and deadline. All over Dubai, students rely on our services as our focus is about providing them with the most superior quality academic assignments.

Assign Project International has a specialised group of writers who can provide help in all academic fields. Whether you are doing an article review, writing an academic report, analysing a biography, capstone project, business report, coursework, case study, thesis, creative writing, presentation, lab report, term paper, speech and research proposal. Out team of writers are always working hard to ensure our customers are confident and can take on our services anytime.

For over 10 years, assign project international offer the best in student paper writing services. We specialise in both urgent and long-term orders. Our deadline starts from 8 hours to a maximum of 30 days for any project depending on the scope of work. In a special case, we also take on short orders of around 2 to 4 hours.  Assign Project International also offer discounts for a beginner client once you place your first order with us. For regular clients, discounts are also offered depending on a number of orders you place with us. We ensure that prices offered to customers are competitive and the best from our market research on what other firms in the world are offering.  According to our professional policy, assign project international offers many other writing services free of charge. For example, we shall provide you with a pdf format plagiarism report upon request, draft on the work in progress, unlimited revisions and email delivery and free references. We are very keen on the tutors writing style requests like Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian and Oxford.  All our papers are plagiarism free, this is because all our papers are written in scratch. We have uploaded a few samples for your reference on our website. Assign Project International projects are always resulting oriented. This is the main reason customers are always looking up to our academic writing services. We have for the past decade strived to deliver work with regard to deadlines offered. We have a 24/7 customer service system to support you any time of the day or night, simply connect with us on chat, email or by calling. We assure you of full support from the time you subscribe with us to the time we deliver your work to satisfaction.  So why should you choose us? In simple words, our main agenda is to provide you with education. We believe we are able to provide you with the pest paper writing service that you are seeking. We can deliver excellent, original, plagiarism free papers that will ensure the best grades for your academic strive.

One of the greatest tasks faced by University and College scholars is the writing of Student Papers. Students unaware of the technicality of paper writing tend to fail at this task despite having sound knowledge of the field itself. Assign Project International provides high-quality student paper writing services globally. Our expert team of writers caters to all your student paper needs within a per-defined timeline and in affordable prices.

Student papers have to be very thorough as they are the training grounds for future advanced researchers. The information has to be collected from reliable sources, it has to be used intelligently and the paper itself has to be written according to the set rules. Our team of writers is highly-trained and will deliver an assignment worthy of the best grades and awards.

Reasons to Choose Expert Essay Writers

Our highly qualified and experienced writers meet all of our clients’ custom requirements. Most writers are PHD Doctors and have more specialised knowledge and experience in their respective fields. Our writers provide content that is unique and sharing of ideas within the team leads to greater quality of the content of the paper. Once the assignment is completed, it is thoroughly reviewed and errors and discrepancies are removed. Then the finished product is delivered to the client.

Qualities of an Expert Writer

The qualities of an expert writer could be ranged from finding the exact data, contents and info to transform those into a coherent piece of transcript after having the requirements and client need; in addition a writer can also do some addition or edition in the work as per his or her understanding of the given topic and as per the requirements. It should be noted that there are lots of phases in writing such as after fetching the data second phase is writing the body of essay or transcript that could be categorised as an operational phase of composition and writing the text.

During the process, an expert writer should deem about lots of things such as drafting the introduction that should not be wide, generally. Noticed that, introductions could be versatile such as synthetic framing of the topic through: the reformulation of the track; the anticipation of the parties which will consist of conducting; a brief presentation of the main topic; Statements that anticipate the argument and conclusions; Questions that pose major challenges to which the essay will give a response; One or more songs or literary celebrity sentence; Historical fact or anecdote or personal story, from which to draw inspiration for later arguments; however, in medias releases, introduction is generally avoided.

Besides, Drafting of the essay or the newspaper article, which are generally structured into subsets, called sections consist of groups of cohesive and coherent phrases belonging to the same general topic. Paragraphs have the following characteristics: Presentation of the central topic of the paragraph stating or describing the key concept; Counter-argument of fact or items related to the central theme. These two features provide information to the reader (presentation) and show how it is stated argument.

In addition, before ending or developing the conclusive paragraphs, there are lots of other aspects that an expert writer should heed after having diligent attention to the order and client needs and these skills could be categorised under the domain of “Qualities of an expert writer”.

Outstanding Quality

The writing of a good academic paper depends upon the skills and experience of the writer. Our writers perform their research on the internet and collect all relevant information. From that information, they further refine the useful knowledge and use it to complete the assignment within a day with guaranteed uniqueness. There is no doubt that no assignment can be completed without research. A specialised writer can cater various assignments based on his/her knowledge but the edge given to them by research and collection of information from several sources is unparalleled.

100% Plagiarism Free

Plagiarism is the most common, yet severe problem afflicting students and researchers globally. We provide papers in which the content is unique and plagiarism-free. Content already published on other sites and print media is the property of the original author/s and hence cannot be duplicated. Assignment writing is a daunting task but can be easily overcome through the incorporation of uniqueness and the elimination of plagiarism. Assign Project International ensures this through the utilisation of various tools and software on the cutting edge of plagiarism detection.

Proof Reading

Editing and proof-reading are required and carefully applied to the paper once our writers have assembled all the data. The use of these techniques improves the overall focus and linearity of the paper. The paragraph and sentence structure, grammar and punctuation are some of the points checked in the process.


A cost of student paper writing can be charged either per page, words per page or whole assignment. Most companies charge fixed amounts for writing your assignments whether the length is short or long. Charges range from $10/100 words, $20/page, etc. Sometimes clients require work urgently and are charged lump-sum amounts.

24/7 Support Services

Assign Project International 24/7 services are available all over the world. Our company provides support services based on client demands in the local and international market.

Order with Us

Assign Project International provides various types of writing services which can order online and offline (local market). Our company completes all orders before the associated deadline. You can review the assignment and discuss any shortcomings that you may find with the writers. Most of our writers are PhD Doctors who have extensive experience in their respective fields and in the common field of writing. Order now and enjoy our services with respect to any type of assignment that you have.