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Software Development Services | Humanity exists today in an age of binary code, computers and automation. Staying up to date with technology, be it hardware or software, is a requisite for success in modern times. If software development is what you require then Assign Project International has you covered. Since our inception, we have developed a myriad of systems with our group of dedicated, qualified and experienced software engineers, testers and project managers.

The dynamic nature of the modern industry, business sectors and academics demand the development of ever evolving solutions. The development of such solutions and bringing them within reach of clients determines the extent of the presence an organisation exerts on the market. Clients seek out the most versatile, flexible and affordable software solutions and that is where we come in.

Our record since 2008 is proof of our success in the introduction and development of software technologies and a multitude of new software solutions. We strive for continuous improvement and our work style and attitude evolve with every task. We employ the latest and greatest of practices and tools to deliver the best of software solutions while minimising process time, resource consumption and cost.

The software applications we offer are exciting, versatile, pragmatic, creative and specifically tailored to our customers’ requirements. The skill-set of our team members encompass a broad spectrum of tools, techniques and languages. Each member is assigned to a multi-disciplined sub-team, thus maximising knowledge sharing which, in turn, enhances adaptation to modern progress. Unhindered by technological limits, we focus on determining the customer’s business and domain requisites. With this knowledge at our disposal, we are able to supplement the project process with work insight, thus increasing speed, consistency and performance.

Software Development Process:

Our application development process consists of automation, test-driven development, continuous integration and deployment-minded delivery. These techniques are utilised to maximise stability, security and scalability of the demanded products. Our teams follow strict regimens, including maintaining coding standards and architectural principles, to guarantee that our clients get the best product. Additionally, our teams can engage our clients in a number of different ways. We offer flexibility in terms of team size and structure while allowing the variation of numbers during the engagement. Our teams operate out of our offices and coordinate remotely.

Skills Augmentation: In case the existing team assigned to a specific task suffers from a shortfall in knowledge or resources, the existing members can be augmented to help achieve your delivery target.

Integrated Teams: Teamwork has a vast plethora of advantages, mainly due to the exchange of information across problematic and technical domains. Assign Project International has extensive experience of integrating both large and small teams in a project organisation and the knowledge required for quick and efficient integration with our clients’ existing structure and processes.

Autonomous Teams: Based on Managed Delivery process, it is possible for a team to operate with partial or complete autonomy. Generally, this would involve an agile approach, with the team delivering in iterations based on the guidance of a client or ‘product owner’.

The consultants at our disposal are excellent communicators and quickly gain insight into your business domain in order to solve technical issues. Assign Project International can help software organisations with:

  • Software Conceptualization & Requirements
  • Software User Experience Design and Prototyping
  • Software Architecture & Design
  • Software Development & Testing

We have outlined a five-step procedure which allows us to ensure that we service our clients in the best possible manner. This includes:

  1. Understand your business requirements.
  2. Design the software.
  3. Program the software.
  4. To test the software.
  5. Install and support the software.

Most non-programmers believe that programmers are limited to the third step only – program the software. A few programmers corroborate this but we reason those good programmers know that the significance of understanding, designing, and testing is equal to that of coding.

We Can Build Anything

We have continuously built and delivered new and exciting software solutions to our respected clients since our inception. The software we develop is of various categories:

  • Web-based and Client/Server Solutions
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Database Solutions
  • Quick Applications
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Mobile Applications
  • Point of Sales (POS) Solutions
  • Stock/Inventory Control Systems
  • Any Other Customize Software

We develop or enhance software with two distinct goals in mind:

  • The coding has to be tested and approved by the client prior to its release, and,
  • Nothing done in the development stages must interfere with the software actually running in the “real world”. To ensure this, we separate our development area from the “real world” by developing the software in a three-tier application environment.

Web Development and Design

We, at Assign Project International, pride ourselves on being second to none where our expertise and knowledge in web development and web design is concerned. Assign Project International has designed and developed numerous Web Content Commerce, Marketplaces, and Portal SaaS and Mobile applications.

We believe in allowing the purpose of a particular web application drives its design. For Assign Project International, an aesthetically sound interface is not only allure. We believe that a good mobile app or web design should also be consistent, user-friendly and allow comfortable and logical navigation. Our top priority is high user adoption rates. As opposed to dry verbal descriptions or even wireframes embedded in word documents, our experience has taught us that page interaction, arrangement and transformation increase the likelihood of customer understanding and commenting on a product.

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