Subtitling Services
If you are looking to translate your subtitles, produce subtitles or conduct a closed captioning, then you better find the best subtitling services with Assign Project International. Once you sign up with us we are going to offer subtitling services that are tested with in-country subtitle translators. This means that quality assurance is guaranteed as we use tools that are good in translating and localizing all your videos and documentaries for a global audience. The Assign Project International Team is able to utilize different video production tools that are able to handle all the subtitling files. This includes SBV, SRT, SSA and other closed or open caption formatting. Assign Project International will guarantee you of industry-specific quality control processes that will include the creation of terminologies and management. We will also offer other value added quality assurance methods by ensuring that all the subtitles are very consistent and are also culturally accurate to fit the desired audience. Subtitling services involve the following areas:
Creating and Translating Subtitles
This is one of the areas that Assign Project International is good at. We understand that subtitles can be a cost and effective alternative to conducting voice overs for the product that you need translated and localized to different languages. In this manner, at Assign Project International we are able to produce for you original and understanding subtitles and be able to translate them upon request. We not only subtitle films in one language but in more than 20 popular continental languages of the world. Our professional translators also pay high attention to the linguistic and consistency or cultural fit for all the subtitle translations that we conduct. In this manner, we ensure that all our production team is able to customize all the subtitles regarding various desirable fonts, text colors in relation to the theme in the film of PowerPoint video and the type or size. Assign project international subtitling service is the best above the rest as we ensure that viewers will have an experiential engagement and comfort in watching the video or film all through. In this manner, the message will be able to pass and each character and the scene in the firm will also be understood.
Formatting Files
Apart from subtitling of the film, Assign Project International will also engage its production team in ensuring that all the different types of subtitling options are available in the final product. This includes standalone subtitles or coded ones in reference to you video requirements. Also with regard to video requirements, Assign Project International ensures that subtitles are delivered in different formats that include the SSA or SRT.
Closed Caption Translating
The other thing that makes our subtitling services more unique than the rest is that we offer closed captioning translations. This process involves the displaying of text on a video screen, television and other visual display so as to provide for interpretive or additional information for the viewers to read. These displays are usually used as a transcript of the program or especially the audio option in the sequence that it occurs. In most cases, this is done verbatim or in the edited format. Closed caption may also include the descriptions or the non-speech elements in the film. At Assign Project International we also provide a textual alternative to language translation of your film or documentary’s primary audio language which in most cases is burnt out or open to the film or documentary. Subtitles in general terms are the translation or transcription of the dialogue when a viewer listens to the sound but is not able to understand it. For example, a video that is made in America but being viewed in Saudi Arabia. In this manner, subtitling becomes very important as it captions as translation or transcription of the dialogue, relevant musical cues, sound effects and other relevant audio information needed in the film. This will happen whether the sound is available or not. For example in the cases where the viewer mutes the sound. At assign project international we can ensure that our subtitling will appeal to even viewers that are hearing impaired. To provide our client with only the best, we make use of the latest and highly regarded tools which will easily localize and translate your product. Our subtitling services also range from product marketing, eLearning, training and demo videos that include speaker notes and scripts.
At Assign Project International, we are committed to providing clients with the highest quality subtitling services. This will ensure that you reach out to your clients in every corner of the earth, from different cultures and languages. You can trust Assign Project International to provide quality subtitles for your training video, promotion video, film, documentary and other YouTube and online products for your websites. We also do subtitling services for DVD use for cinemas and home videos; this is done in multilingual subtitles to ensure that your product is marketed all over the world. Assign Project International provides you with subtitling services that are completely packaged and tailored with regard to all your subtitling requirements. When it comes to transcription, for example, we ensure that we have engaged the best professional production team in coming up with a time-coded script of the original video. We will then translate each said word in the script to the required language. Later on, we shall subtitle all the translated text so that it appears in your video in accordance with what is being watched or said in the film.
In this manner, Assign Project International is able to deliver subtitled videos and films that can be viewed across different continents, various formats and across more than 20 languages. Some of the advantages of subscribing to our services will entail converting your videos into different formats and provide them with translated subtitles for online formats that include Video, YouTube, and MP4. Also when you come with your own DVD we will create a multilingual master DVD that will contain options of turning the subtitles on or off. Lastly, at Assign Project International we are able to produce videos that have burnt subtitles. We will then encode these videos to different formats to fit your country requirements among other settings. For more information visit our website or contact us at the provided address.

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